With 30 years of experience

A frontrunner in the automotive and real estate businesses


Established in 1992, Catamount Group is a full-service Finnish family enterprise that operates in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countriesCatamount’s businesses include the Auto-Arita and Sports Car Center car dealerships. In addition, the Group also operates extensively in the real estate business.


Our operations include sales, servicing and importing, supported by our extensive European purchasing channels. With 30 years of experience, we are one of the leading private operators in our field. Each year, we sell approximately 3,500 new cars, 10,000 used cars and carry out some 50,000 automotive servicing transactions.

Real estate business

Catamount has long and diverse experience in the real estate market. The Group’s extensive operations in the real estate business consist of property ownership in prime locations in Finnish growth centres as well as holdings in joint investments and real estate funds.

Continuous growth

The automotive business begins after Russia’s borders are opened. About 400 cars were sold in the first year of operations, and volume subsequently grew quickly to reach an annual level of nearly 4,000 vehicles.

During the 1990s, Catamount expanded its operations to include real estate and business premises, initially for automotive retail. At present, our real estate assets under joint ownership with our partners comprise approximately 75,000 m2 of retail space, residences, business premises, warehouses, production facilities as well as plots of land, primarily in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Environmental thinking in management

We use the ISO 14001 environmental management system in our retail operations to systematically manage environmental issues and the effectiveness of environmentally friendly measures in all of our operations. We are committed to minimising our negative impact on the environment and continuously developing the level of our environmental protection efforts.

Closely integrating the environmental perspective into our management and operational planning has enabled us to achieve cost-efficiency in energy consumption while also reducing waste volumes and promoting environmental awareness and engagement among our employees. Environmental impacts are taken into consideration in all stages of our service chains.

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